Facts About Bed Bugs
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Facts About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs and the eggs of the bed bugs can be found and infested in beds, your mattress, furniture and crevices. They are small bugs that feed on the blood of humans and bite humans when they are in bed.

Bed bugs aren’t something that you think about very often. Bed bugs are something that is around in more homes and hotels than you care to think about. Bed bugs are small insects that live off of humans.  Bed bugs, also known as cimicidae, feed on blood from humans. They are reddish brown in color and have a flat body. Bed bugs don’t have wings and are only about a quarter of an inch in size. They have six legs.

Bed bugs lay about 300 eggs and only takes about 10 days to hatch. The eggs are white and are only about 1 mm in length. It can take anywhere from 4 weeks to a few months to mature to an adult.

Bed bugs got their name because of where they like to live and hide. Bed bugs can be found in beds, mattresses, box springs, headboard, bed frames, couches as well as other areas where people sleep. Bed bugs usually try to stay close to their food source which is the blood of humans. Not only do bed bugs hide out in beds and couches, they love to live in other places where it is warm. Bed bugs can also live in other furniture. They love to hide out in small cracks and crevices. Bed bugs can live under the carpet, throw rugs, clothing, backpacks, behind pictures, in pillows and anywhere else where it is warm.

Bed bugs usually come out during the night when people are sleeping so that they aren’t noticed but have come out during the day as well. Bed bugs are big enough where they can be seen but they usually hide out during the day so that they aren’t seen.

Bed bugs usually bite a human being without even being noticed. The blood from humans is their feed or food source. Usually a person doesn’t even notice that they have been bitten. Usually beg bug bites are painless but some people do become swollen or develop a rash from a beg bug bite. Some people even have itching along with the bite.

To get rid of bed bugs that are infesting in your home, there are a few things that can be done. Since bed bugs can infest in so many different areas of your home, be sure to clean all the areas of your home.

Start out by taking all of the bedding off all of the beds in your home and wash all of the sheets, pillow cases, mattress pads, blankets and comforters in hot water. You can even throw your pillows in the wash machine under a hot water cycle as well. Be sure that you use a hot water cycle for all of your bedding. This should be done once a week. This will help to get rid of any bed bugs that have infested in your beds.

When drying your bedding, be sure to have the dryer on a hot heat setting. Be sure that the bedding is completely dry before putting them back on your bed. This will also help to get rid of any bed bugs that are hiding in your bed.

Be sure to vacuum your mattress, box spring, headboard and your carpet in all of the bedrooms thoroughly. Be sure that you have vacuumed under your bed and around your bed as well. Vacuuming your bedroom at least once a week will help to get rid of any bed bugs that are hiding in your beds and bedrooms. Be sure to vacuum all of the other rooms in your home as well to get rid of any bed bugs that are hiding in those rooms. Remember to vacuum all of the carpets, furniture and in all the cracks and corners that bed bugs can be hiding in.

If you have had your bed pillows for a while, it might be the time to throw them out and buy new pillows. Bed bugs can hide in the seams of your pillows. Replacing your old pillows and buying new pillows can help get rid of bed bugs that have embedded into your pillows.

Be sure to dust thoroughly in each room on a regular basis. This can help get rid of any bed bugs that may be in any dark areas of your room such as vents, behind pictures, behind the furniture or anywhere else they have decided to hide.

Bed bugs are becoming resistant to certain pesticides. Using pesticides to help get rid of infestation of bed bugs have been known to cause health problems for people. Because of the health issues due to using pesticides, it is recommended to just vacuum, dust, and wash mattresses, beddings and carpets to help control the infestation of bed bugs.

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Comments (25)

Good description, not that I want to see any in my life!

I learned a lot from your information.Thank you.

Hey! I know you...Thanks for welcome. Bedbugs are taking over our country. Good info.

They come from overseas, and Mexico. They travel in luggage, etc. Bed bugs are hard to get rid of. Forget grocery store type insecticides. Go to a insecticide retailer/exterminator. A professional who comes to the home, expect $700 just for a small living room/dining room are to be done.

Every time I stay at a hotel, I worry that I will bring bed bugs home. Great information.

Ranked #5 in Insects & Spiders

Linda, I had read that in my research too. Thanks for adding that.

Cynthia there are special pillow covers and matress covers for bed bugs. Maybe you can find some to put your clothing and luggage in to prevent bed bugs from getting in your belongings. I have had bed bugs twice, and had to throw out 2 brand new sofas. Nurses brought the bugs in when they came in to see my fiance. No problem until they started bringing in their bags and setting them on my furniture. Another tip is do not by stuffed cushions, used furniture, from flea markets.

You are welcome. They are the worst of all household pests to get rid of. The bites are horrible, and people with pets often think that they are flea bites.

Interesting article on this problem that appears to be on the increase.

Pesky critters.

Just the thought gives me the creeps, but this is reassuring if the worst were to happen. Great info!

My little boy just asked me what I was reading so I read it to him - he squealed! Great information, brilliantly written Caryn.

Thank you so much for all this information on bed bugs.

clearly explained steps to cope with bed bugs. great information.

Thankfully I've never experienced them but was aware of how awful they are. Very good information as to how to deal with them, but I think I would get a professional exterminator in if I ever had the problem. Being able to sleep peacefully and well, is high on my priority list.

Ranked #21 in Insects & Spiders

these insects are really frightening. imagine the rate at which they lay eggs and hatch! am so happy i dont have to deal with them.

I couldn't agree more. These bugs just know where to find nourishment at every human being's last resort.

Gosh, I'm itching just thinking about bed bugs. superb article my friend! Great details and you've covered just about everything. Thanks so much.

Wow! Very interesting article and some really good information here. Thanks for sharing facts about bed bugs. Voted up

Bed bugs can be really some problems, promoted thanks.

Bed bugs is one problem I never had! Great info.voted up!

Creepy crawlies I never want to have! At least I know what to do if I ever come across em! Thanks

Thanks for sharing

Great tips to accompany with the facts...

I stayed in a hotel in Africa and the bed was full of these. The nearest hotel was 500 miles away - so I slept in a chair!