Good Pet Tarantulas for Beginners
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Good Pet Tarantulas for Beginners

Tarantulas are now very popular pets with many people. If you do not mind having a big hairy spider for a pet the tarantula will be for you. They are easy to care for. They are fragile so you must be careful with them. Some of them are very docile and can be held. There are others that do not like to be held.

If you can get by the idea that tarantulas are big hairy spiders, you will find them very attractive and even pretty.  Some of them have some beautiful bright colors with fascinating patterns.  Some tarantulas are considered good pets for the first time spider owner.

The Honduran curly hair tarantula makes a good pet for a beginner.  They are a gentle and very calm tarantula and they will grow very quickly. They have a very good appetite and they are not hard to find food for.  The Honduran curly hair is an expensive spider to buy but they are worth it.    

Most pet stores will have the Chilean rose hair tarantula as they are a very poplar tarantula kept as pets.  The Chilean rose hair is gentle and easy to take care of but they have an annoying habit of fasting for months.  This can be frightening and aggravating to a beginner.  They are an excellent pet tarantula for a beginner.

The Mexican red knee tarantula is a very gentle and calm spider.  It is more colorful than most of the tarantulas you will find in pet stores.  Their hairs can be irritating to your skin so be careful when handling them.  They are very popular as pets but are expensive to buy.

The Mexican blonde tarantula is very docile and they are making a come back as a pet tarantula.  You will not find them in most pet stores but you can find them on the internet.

The Chaco golden knee tarantula is not as colorful as the red knee tarantula.  The gold colored bands on their legs will distinguish them from other spiders. They are large and have a leg span of about 8 inches.  They can be scary because of their size but they have a sweet disposition.  They are new as pets so they are quiet expensive.

The Brazilian Black tarantula is also very large and they are not a colorful spider.  They are a satiny black carapace and this gives them a sleek attractive look.  They are usually 7 to 8 inches in size.

The Costa Rican zebra tarantula is harder to take care of than some of the other tarantulas.  They are still great spiders to keep as pets.  They are jumpy so it is not a good idea to them, as they will stress.  They will run away from you and they can hurt themselves so they are best left alone.

Any one of these tarantulas will be a joy to own for anyone that likes spiders.  Some are better than others are but they are all good for a beginner.

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