Learn About Army Ants and How to Get Rid of Them
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Learn About Army Ants and How to Get Rid of Them

All about Army Ants. How to get rid of army ants. Army ants are not something that you want to see heading towards or in your home.

Army ants are not something that you want to see heading towards or in your home.  Army ants get their name from the marching formation that they make as they move along, Army ants walk in lines one behind the other as they move to their destination just like soldiers marching.  When army ants reach something they want to eat they pretty much cover the thing up and start chomping on it.  They have very powerful mandibles and they usually don't leave until the item is devoured they do however bring some back to the nest to feed their fellow ants. This makes them different from other ants that will usually find pieces of food and carry them back to their nests.  When army ants are done eating something then they just leave the area marching along to their next destination.

Army ants mostly eat insects and spiders but will also eat small animals and rodents such as mice. The really scary thing about army ants is that they will actually eat living things such as injured animals and will even devour animals as large as rabbits or chickens. They will often attack small animals swarming on to them in a sort of attack. Their large mandibles allow them to tear in to their prey.

Army ants can be found mostly in Central and South America. They also have a similar ant in Africa that are called Driver Ants. Army ants seem to prefer warmer climates.  There are actually about 150 different species of army ants. 

Unlike other species of ants who build nests to live in army ants actually travel around quite a bit and actually make temporary nests out of themselves.  They hook themselves together to form a nest this provides a safe place for the queen to lay her eggs and for the eggs from harm until they hatch.  They will even bring prey inside the nest which they call a bivouac.


Army ants have communities much like people.  There are both male and female ants and they have different jobs and functions in their community.  Like most species of ants there is also a queen.  The male ants are called drones while the female ants are called workers. 

The ant's job in the colony depends on the size of the mandibles the ants with the large mandibles are the guards who protect the small ants in the community while the ones with the medium sized mandibles are the ones that go out and get the prey to bring back to the community. The queen and the drones can see but the worker ants are blind, they use their antennas to follow a chemical trail to get them around and back to the nest. This is likely why they travel all lined up the way that they do. 

An army ant queen can live for about 20 years other ants can live for about a year.

Getting Rid Army Ants

Because army ants move around a lot you need to take care of your entire area.  So if you have them in your yard you will need to treat your entire yard, you may even suggest to your neighbors that they do the same or offer to do it for them if you are doing it for yourself.  One product that is effective at killing Army ants is Wizdom EZ.  Wizdom EZ works kind of like fertilizer.  You put it in your fertilizer spreader and spread it around your entire lawn. 

You can also spray this product called Phantom Insecticide; remember again you must spray the entire area of your property.  This spray is kind of on the expensive side, and it may be no less expensive then calling out a professional to spray the area for you, which is of course another option. 

Because of the things that army ants prefer to eat some traditional natural methods for getting rid of ants may not work on them as they don't eat the same types of things that more common ants eat. Therefore unfortunately chemicals are kind of necessary.

Note:  I am not affiliated with, nor have I been in contact with, or been paid by either of these products companies. 

For more info on ants check out https://knoji.com/allegheny-mound-ants-what-they-are-and-how-to-get-rid-of-them/

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