Praying Mantis Have Become Popular Pets
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Praying Mantis Have Become Popular Pets

Praying mantis are becoming very popular pets. They are usually easy to care for. They can be handled without any problems. The Giant Asian mantis, African mantis and the Indian flower mantis are very exotic looking and make great pets for children. The Dead Leaf praying mantis will require more care than some of the other praying mantis.

Praying mantis will grow to be 1 to 5 inches long and their life span is about 1 year.  A praying mantis is an easy pet to keep but there are some that are hard to take care of.  The hard part for the more exotic species is providing the correct climate in their home.  Without the correct climate praying mantis will get diseases, infections and will die.

Praying mantises have become very popular pets in the last few years.  If you want something different for a pet, the praying mantis might be for you.  They are happy to be kept indoors and they will need a home that keeps them happy.

The praying mantis usually has a good disposition and will be very tame.  They tolerate handling but be careful as they can be stressed.  They eat crickets, cockroaches and other insects that are available at any pet store.

They are very easy to keep and make great home and classroom pets.  They can be kept in small tanks and do not require any special equipment. They are good pets for children especially the Giant Asian mantis or the African mantis.  The Indian flower mantis is very exotic looking.  Choose your praying mantis for east of caring for not their exotic look.

The Dead Leaf Praying Mantis is a very unusual mantis that is kept as a pet but they will need more care than some of the other types. They are skinny and look like decaying and crumpled leaves.  These praying mantises are usually a mottled brown so they will blend with their surroundings.

If they are disturbed, they will sway back and forth.  If they feel threatened, they will throw themselves on the ground and lay there motionless.

Your Dead Leaf Praying Mantis needs his home kept between 77 and 86 degrees.  The ideal humidity for them will be between 70 and 80 percent.  This is a littler warmer and more humid than other types of praying mantis require.

The Dead Leaf Praying Mantis looks fragile but they are really quite hardy.  If their humidity is not kept right, they will have a problem shedding.  To prevent this from happening spray their cage every few days with a fine mist.

Their cage should have a good sized floor area that is covered with dead leaves.  A thick branch or stem should be provided for your mantis to hang from.

Dead Leaf Mantis can be kept together.  They will need plenty of food and space and they will be very happy together.  Even if they do get hungry, they will prefer to hunt for live food instead of attacking each other.

Praying mantis will make great pets for some people.  Before you get your praying mantis check out their requirements as they are all different.

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