Scorpions As Pets
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Scorpions As Pets

Scorpions make fascinating exotic pets and they have become very popular with some people. They will need a secure lid on their tank as they are escape artists. The Emperor or Imperial scorpions are very popular as pets. The Thai black and Javanese Jungle Scorpion also make very good pets for beginners.

Scorpions are easy to recognize and they have become very popular in recent years as exotic pets.  Scorpion are fascinating looking and they do not require much when they are kept as pets. They do need to be kept in a secure container so they do not excape as the are good at it.  You can use a tank that has a good fitting lid that is strong so they can not get out.    Small plastic tanks with a ventilated lids are usually sold at the pet stores for scorpions.  These would be perfect if you keep one scorpion.  You can use an aquarium but make sure it has an escape proof and ventilated lid, as this is very important.

The tank will need to be heated and have the proper humidity level.  Heat mats can be used for the necessary heat but do not cover the entire floor space of the tank.  The scorpion needs to burrow to keep from getting too hot so he needs a cool place for this.

You will need to put a layer of  bark chips, sphagnum moss or potting compost on the floor of the tank and this will work well for forest dwelling scorpions.  Desert living scorpions will need a thick layer of sand on the floor of the tank.  Scorpions are nocturnal and they will need hiding places. 

You can mist the floor of forest swelling scorpions to keep the proper humidity level but be sure not to get the flood covering wet.  Check the floor often for mold or a sour smell and if this happens, change the floor covering.

Scorpions are hunters in the wild and in captivity, they eat crickets and locusts.  It is best if you feed them at night being that they are nocturnal.  If you see uneaten food, your scorpion may have a problem.

The Emperor or Imperial scorpion can grow to be 6 inches in length and it's one of the largest scorpions kept as a pet. 

Some of the Asian species such as the Thai Black and the Javanese Jungle Scorpion are also good for beginners.  They are almost as large as the Imperial Scorpions.  They are all forest dwellers, have good appetites and need a temperature of 77 degrees.

The scorpions you should avoid, as they do not make suitable pets are the Bark Scorpions, Hairy Scorpions and there are some others.

Scorpions are fascinating and they are easy to care for.  If you decide to get a scorpion for a pet, you will enjoy watching him.

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Comments (1)

Great to see the picture!  I have never owned a scorpion, but I know some people seem to enjoy them as pets, good info.