The Best Ways To Repel Mosquitos
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The Best Ways To Repel Mosquitos

There are many different ways to repel mosquitos.

Mosquitos can be annoying little insects as they buzz around your head while you are sleeping in your tent, or bite your arm while you are sitting next to a campfire. Whether you are at home in your backyard or camping way out in the woods, there are a few ways to fight those nasty mosquitos.

Don’t scare away the bats. Many people find bats creepy and disgusting. The truth is, bats are more useful creatures than we think. Bats can catch over 600 mosquitos within an hour. This is a huge amount of annoying insects that we can get rid of without any effort.

Fabric softener is another way to repel those nasty pests. You can either lay a sheet of fabric softener on the table outside or tie a sheet around your belt loop to keep them away. These pests don’t like the smell and will definitely stay away. Be sure to use the fabric softener that has a strong and powerful scent.

Citronella candles are very helpful during the summer months. As the mosquitos swarm around the area you sit in, you can place a citronella candle on the table to keep them a far distance away. Some people do not like the smell of citronella candles, but it is a great way to keep them out of your sight.

Eating garlic is helpful to keep those bugs away. Cook garlic with your meals and mosquitos will be able to smell the nasty scent on your skin. This is a sure way to keep those little pests away.

Catnip can be very helpful if you want to get rid of mosquitos. There is a nepetalactone oil in catnip that is proven to be a better repellant than most of the brand name bug sprays. Simply leave some catnip out on the fold out table you use when you are grilling outside and you should have a mosquito free dinner.

Bug zappers are another helpful device that will get rid of mosquitos. The ultraviolet light that are placed inside of these zappers will attract not just mosquitos, but all kinds of bugs and zap them when they reach the inside.

Repelling mosquitos is important if you want to be safe from the West Nile virus or simply having nasty bug bites on your skin. Mosquitos are very annoying pests and these methods of getting rid of them absolutely do work.

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Comments (6)
Ranked #5 in Insects & Spiders

Excellent article. With the summer right around the corner, these are very helpful hints that will help me and others. Thank you for the tips.

Great information on how to Repel Mosquitos. I have never heard of the fabric softener idea and will have to try it this summer.

Good mosquito repelling tips.

Hmm..a garlic-laden diet would surely repel bloodsucking mosquitos - but I'm afraid they may repel friends and loved ones too. Neem tree oil or burnt leaves from the tree are actually very good against mosquitoes too.

Very good info. Mosquitoes are so annoying! Thank you so much.

That was reallly helpful, I liked the fabric softener idea, smells better than garlic.