The Hovering Beauties and Wonderful Colors of Hoverflies
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The Hovering Beauties and Wonderful Colors of Hoverflies

Here are some of the prettiest Hoverflies due to their wonderful coloration.

Hoverflies are insects often seen hovering at flowers. They feed mainly on nectar and pollen. They are also commonly known as Flower Flies or Syrphid Flies. Here are some of the prettiest Hoverflies due to their wonderful coloration.

1.) American Hoverfly (Eupeodes americanus)

Image Source

The eyes of the American Hover Fly look stunning not only for its large size but also for it beautiful color. Its slender body is also awesomely beautiful for its bright coloration of orange, black and yellow. It is commonly named American Hover Fly because they can be found throughout North America, This insect with yellow face lives in meadows, and fields with flowers and foliage.

2.) Australian Hoverfly (Simosyrphus grandicornis)

Image Source

The photo of mating Hoverflies is one of the most excellent pictures on the internet. These mating hoverflies of Australia are formally named Simosyrphus grandicornis. It is one of the two most common hoverflies in Australia. This species has been introduced to other islands in the Pacific including Hawaii.

3.) European Hoverfly (Sphaerophoria scripta)

Image Source

The Sphaerophoria scripta is a colorful hoverfly species that can be found in Europe. This hoverfly with yellow face and banded slender body can complete a full life cycle in just 16 days. They are among the most productive species in terms of reproduction producing a maximum of 9 generations in a year.

4.) Volucella inanis

Image Source

Volucella inanis is a colorful hoverfly species seen here nectaring or hovering at a beautiful violet flower.

5.) Sericomyia Silentis

Image Source

Sericomyia silentis is a brightly-colored hoverfly species of Europe that looks like a ‘golden bee’. It can be found throughout Britain and continental Europe.

6.) Marmalade Fly (Episyrphus balteatus)

Image Source

The Marmalade Hoverfly is a colorful hoverfly species of Europe with orange and black bands.

Image Source

It inhabits gardens with plenty of flowering plants. These wasps look-a-like often form dense migratory swarms causing panic among people for its resemblance to wasps.

7.) Hoverfly (Scaeva pyrastri)

Image Source

The Scaeva pyrastri, a hoverfly of Europe, is a large distinctive fly with three pairs of white comma markings on the abdomen.

8.) Scaeva selenitica

Image Source

Scaeva selenitica is a European hoverfly species similar in appearance to the Scaeva pyrastri. They differ only in coloration but have the same markings.

9.) Helophilus pendulus

Image Source

Helophilus pendulus is a brightly colored hoverfly species of Europe. This hoverfly, which has black and yellow longitudinal stripes on the upper surface of its thorax, is commonly found in Britain and Ireland. It also has a black central face-stripe.

Other notably colorful hoverfly species of Europe…

10.) Xanthogramma pedissequum

Image Source

Xanthogramma pedissequum

11.) Chrysotoxum elegans

Image Source

Chrysotoxum elegans

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Comments (4)

Ha ha, I,ve just come come from the beach Nobert and been eaten alive by these things. Hovering beauties they aint. Good write though!

Beautifully written article and photographs even though they made me shiver! there is definitely something about them!

people do not often think of hoverflies when they think of flying beauties!

Another amazing article, kabayan.